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Saffron Road and Source Reduction: what’s the connection?

We all want to do as much as we can to help with the environmental challenges facing our world, but we are so immersed in a plastic using, waste friendly society, that it is hard to know where to begin.

Do we focus on recycling first? Promoting green energy? Investing in solar panels? Biking to work instead of driving? Do we give up meat? Can we do it all?

We get it, and as a company, we have been on a similar journey to determine what Saffron Road can consistently, effectively do to promote sustainability with our products. Since Saffron Road was founded, we have been focused on making our products, and processes, as ethical and sustainable as possible. Our experience and research has made it clear that focusing on source reduction is one of the best ways for us to contribute to the efforts of waste reduction, and we are excited about what it is doing for Saffron Road’s sustainability efforts, and for the world.

What is source reduction?

For those who don’t know, source reduction is simply the prevention of waste before it exists. While recycling a plastic bottle is a great act for sustainability, not creating the plastic bottle in the first place is hypothetically even better, and this is the theory behind source reduction. Less heavy, cumbersome packaging is a great way to reduce CO2 emissions because less resources are being used in the first place, and then once the packaging is made, it takes less fuel to transport the it to where it needs to go. Lighter, less voluminous packaging will take up less space in a truck, freight, or plane, and this makes a big impact.

How Saffron Road has embraced source reduction

So what does this mean for us? Source reduction has been classified as the most impactful aspect of waste reduction by the US EPA, and because Saffron Road is all about ethical sourcing of our products, it is our natural responsibility to embrace source reduction techniques in our sourcing system as much as possible.

This is something our customers rely on us to take action with, and we take that very seriously. As a consumer, you cannot control how your favorite companies source and package their products, but you can make an effort to choose your purchases based on these facts. Source reduction helps us to eliminate waste and help our customers contribute to a cleaner planet, knowing that they can purchase Saffron Road products with a clear conscience.

Simmer Sauces: Sustainable and sensational!

The unveiling of our Saffron Road simmer sauces sustainable one-time-use pouches was an exciting opportunity for us to see just how far we could go with source reduction.

Our pouches have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional glass containers. Their small, compact, and flexible packaging allows for much fewer truckloads for shipping, cutting the amount of fuel it takes to stock the product by more than 60%.

We love our simmer sauces not only because of the positive impact they are having on waste reduction, but also because they are certified halal and kosher, and the only pouched, certified non-GMO sauces in the world! Here is a quick summary of our simmer sauces, with tips on how to make them work for your next family dinner.

Moroccan- The sweetness of dates and the spice of the chili pepper…Moroccans know how to combine flavors to create culinary masterpieces, and this sauce is no exception. Simmer slowly with some lamb and prunes, and you’ll be taken on a Moroccan getaway without the plane ride. The only thing missing is a hot cup of mint tea for dessert!

Tikka Masala- All of the flavor and punch of great indian food with the creamy tomato goodness of a pasta dish. This tikka masala sauce delivers on authenticity and flavor, and allows you to create your favorite indian dish at home, anytime. Just chop up a chicken breast, boil some basmati rice, and you’ve got yourself a delicious, effortless international meal!

Lemongrass Basil- This herb based sauce is authentically Thai, and while the combination of basil and lemongrass give it a unique flavor, it is simple enough to go with everything, making it a reliable pantry staple. When you are at a loss for what to make, throw some lemongrass basil sauce over the protein of your choice, add a starch, and enjoy an easy to make, delicious dish that everyone will love.

Harissa- If you’ve ever been to North Africa, you know that for locals there, Harissa goes with everything. A spicy, complex sauce packed with peppers and herbs, our Harissa simmer sauce is perfect for creating a zesty, savory dish that will spice up any dinner. For recipe inspiration,click recipes.

Pad Thai- Pad Thai has become a Thai-inspired American favorite, and when you have a craving, there is simply no substitute. Our Pad Thai peanut-free, allergen free, simmer sauce makes it possible for you to whip up your favorite Thai dish without having to be concerned with exposing any of your peanut-sensitive family members to harmful allergens.

Coconut Curry- This simmer sauce is a Korma sauce, which is a unique indo-pakistani dish that combines slow-cooked yogurt or cream sauces with tender meat and spices. The coconut curry is a complex flavor that balances the liveliness of cardamom and turmeric with the softness of yogurt and coconut. A great dish for a beautiful spring evening, and something to be shared with friends and family!

Korean Stir-Fry- What would our simmer sauces be without a stir-fry option? This delicious authentic Korean sauce combines tastes of pear, Gochugaru red pepper, sesame, organic red miso, lemon and garlic for a flavorful stir-fry experience. Time to get creative!

Thai Mango- For those of us who love the combination of sweet and spicy, our Thai Mango simmer sauce is the perfect accompaniment for any stir fry dish. Sweet mangos are combined with a taste of ginger and savory red chilies to create a unique (vegan!) flavor that goes perfectly with your favorite veggie and tofu dish.

Thai Red Curry- The options are truly endless for this simmer sauce. The delicious spices and flavor of the Thai Red Curry are a perfect base for meatballs, sandwiches, noodle bowls, and even pizza .

Check out our full list of recipes here for some serious simmer sauce inspiration!

A note on recycling and landfill space

Our new pouches are not recyclable…yet. But while we work on this, rest assured that the single use pouch remains one of the most sustainable options on the market for food packaging. Because only less than 35% of glass containers end up being recycled currently in the U.S., over 60% of glass containers end up in landfills, and that glass takes up 14 times more landfill space than our pouches. For now, until Americans get more vigilant about recycling, landfill effective packaging like our pouches are actually a better option than recyclable glass.

Building a sustainable food sourcing, delivery, and disposal system is a complex process, and we as a global community have a long road ahead of us. But projects like our simmer sauce single use pouches keep us optimistic and motivated about all of the possibilities available. We want all of our customers to confidently say that purchasing Saffron Road products is one of the ways they are taking action for a greener world, and that starts with our delicious simmer sauces.

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