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Saffron Road Prepared Meal Halal Certified


Your Direct Route to the World's Greatest Cuisines

The name Saffron Road is inspired by the legendary Silk Road, the trade route that unified the ancient world for 3,000 years. Today we’re hoping to bring the world together again, deploying ethical consumerism through clean foods, a device for cultural harmony.

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Saffron Road Halal Certified Gluten-Free Healthy Frozen Entrées

Frozen Dinners

Try the only dinners with a world of flavor. Inspired by the world’s great cuisines, Saffron Road is America’s fastest growing brand in natural protein-based frozen dinners.

Saffron Road Halal Certified Gluten-Free Ready to Eat Quick Meals

Ready To Eat Meals

Perfect at home or on-the-go. Heat up these vegan masterpieces in 60 seconds for authentic world flavors in a hurry! And, with our multi-pack boxes you’ll never run out.

Saffron Road Halal Certified Gluten-Free Vegan Crunchy Chickpeas - a healthy snack

Crunchy Chickpeas

The smartest snack in a thousand years. Across Asia, India and the Middle East, smart snackers have been enjoying the crunch of chickpeas since ancient times.

Saffron Road Halal Certified Gluten-Free Simmer Sauces for Quick and Easy Meals

Simmer Sauces

Add magic to your veggies and proteins. Pour our Simmer Sauces over your favorite proteins and vegetables for a meal in minutes. In single use pouches to avoid waste.


Turn OUR creations into YOUR creations

At Saffron Road, we make great meals easy with dishes that are ready in just minutes. But if you’re feeling more creative, we’re with you all the way. Use our Simmer Sauces to create amazing creations of your own, or take our other great products and discover new ways to make them delicious.

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About Us

With Saffron Road, explore international cuisines that combine bold flavors from around the world with high quality, wholesome ingredients that come from family farmers we know and trust. Our wide selection of authentic dishes and delicious snacks are finely crafted with healthier ingredients and exciting exotic flavors so you can explore better.

On the Saffron Road, we have RESPECT FOR ALL. We care about people and our environment. We minimize our impact on the planet and we support family-owned farms, responsible fishery, and raising animals with compassionate care.
Halal and kosher, vegan and meat lover, nutrition and flavor, the traditional and the modern—they’re all part of the Saffron Road and our JOURNEY TO BETTER.
Our journey is fueled by CULINARY PASSION. Our values hold us to exceptional standards to help us be a leader in premium, natural and organic foods.
We are a SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS company that believes in lifting up others. We want to help bridge the gaps that separate us and we want to leave our planet better off than we found it.
We have a CURIOUS SPIRIT and can’t wait to see what we discover next—new foods, new flavors or new ingredients. We love learning about different cultures and meeting different people.
About Us

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Check out what our customers have to say

I tried this frozen meal and could not believe how good it was- the best I have ever had, I could go to a fine dining biryani place and not get anything comparable. I would be willing to pay more for this if it was in a family size container. if I was able to have this exact food every day I would eat it every single day.

Heather F. Austin, Texas
Vegetable Biryani

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your dinners. I had vegetable biryani tonight. It was excellent I love all the spices. I have tried 5 of them so far and none of them disappoint. They are so yummy. Thank you for an excellent product.

Sharon W.
Chicken Biryani

I just tried the Lamb Saag and it has got to be the best frozen food I have ever eaten. Not that I eat a lot of frozen food...its just sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to cook the meal you want. This was so good I am eating it again tomorrow and maybe even the next day! 5 stars!

Lamb Saag

I just tried my very first Saffron Road product, Chicken Tikka Masala! I am hooked! This is the best frozen meal that I have ever bought and from now on I will only buy Saffron Road products!! I can find absolutely nothing wrong!!! Imagine my surprise to also find out that your headquarters are in CT, my home state!!! Thank you so much!!

Andrea K. Apple Valley, CA
Chicken Tikka Masala

Just tried your product for the first time (Pad Thai). I haven't even finished eating it yet and I had to stop to write you. I have a hard time finding a good pad Thai at a restaurant so I can't believe how good this TV dinner is!

Michelle C. Marietta, Ga
Chicken Pad Thai

I love the SR frozen entrees we buy at Sprouts. However, we were just at Safeway and ran into Falafel crunchy chickpeas. These are really good! You have another winning product! About gluten-free. I'm happy that SR is gluten-free because that is the diet I'm required to follow.

Victor D. Sunnyvale, CA
Crunchy Chickpeas

I want to compliment you on your delicious & clean products! I love that we can enjoy foods that we
love that are not contaminated with pesticides. I’m so grateful that companies such as yours are
bringing us back to the way our ancestors ate with fresh, whole, organic ingredients.

Tiffani S. Arlington, TX
Chicken Pad Thai

I tried your & Authentic Indian Chana Masala. & O my GOODNESS! Talk about GOODNESS! I do not normally buy packaged food and I normally live where I have access to fresh Indian food at several fabulous restaurants. I am so happy to discover this product that is new to me. DELIGHTED!!!

Pamela W. Woodstock, VA
Chickpea Masala

I am so happy I discovered your products at Target. I have celiac and must be gluten free and have been having a difficult time finding quick easy TASTY food items and then I discovered your Simmer Sauces. They are AWESOME! Thank you for making ethnic GF sauce.

Lilian H. New York
Thai Red Curry

I have recently purchased a few of your frozen entrees and I'm very impressed. It's all there. Flavors, portions, finally meals that are healthy and taste good!

Kelly S. San Diego, CA
Chicken Enchiladas Poblano

I just tried one of your products (Lemongrass Basil Chicken)and it was delicious! Thank you so much for a frozen dinner without the extra salt!!

Pamela M. Sarasota, FL
Lemongrass Basil Chicken

I love that Saffron Road not only offers delicious, healthy food, but that they stand firm in their values. As a mom, this is the ultimate win-win.

Sasha M. Global Table Adventures
Crunchy Chickpeas

This last year of the pandemic was difficult … I found myself wanting to get easy to cook meals. In the freezer section I discovered your many options … I find other companies just do not have the flavorful dishes that you have made. So, thank you for your wonderful lunch & dinner foods.

Tobias K.
Chicken Pad Thai

I'd noticed your brand on Ibotta before but was hesitant since personally my family has issues with texture/taste and some products have completely missed the mark. I tried your Chicken Pad Thai though and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor combination and health benefits.

Nicki B.
Chicken Pad Thai