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Saffron Road Expands Frozen Line with New Flavors and Family Size Options




World Cuisine leader introduces three new meals and family-size line as increased long term at-home dining inspires culinary exploration for millions


Stamford, Conn (June 29, 2021) -- Travel on the Journey to Better® with Saffron Road, the number one better-for-you, protein-based frozen entrée brand, as they announce three new elevated Asian dishes from Thai, Indian and Chinese traditions: Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken, Butter Chicken, and Sweet & Sour Chicken -- the brand’s first foray into Chinese cuisine.


The bold flavors of Asia come alive with Saffron Road’s newest authentic recipes which combine traditional cooking methods with clean-label, ethically sourced ingredients like humanely raised, antibiotic-free chicken, aromatic long grain jasmine rice from Thailand, crisp bell peppers, bok choy, fresh ginger, virgin coconut oil from the Philippines and ripe juicy pineapple.  


With millions of Americans enjoying more at-home meals and dining-in as a sustained lifestyle shift, the delicious and exotic tastes of world cuisine have exploded in popularity--bringing culture, community and bold new flavors to dinner tables across the country.  


Supporting the demand for premium products from shoppers across all income levels, plus honing in on the desire for convenience and variety in at-home meals, Saffron Road has launched a new line of family size meals that debuts with two of its most popular dishes -- Chicken Pad Thai, Chicken Biryani -- and newly launched Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken - all of which will transport your senses to far off destinations and can easily be prepared and shared with family or friends at home.


“It’s been my mission for over a decade to bring our diverse nation of people and cultures together through our common love for premium, clean-label foods made with real ingredients which incorporate traditional recipes from kitchens and restaurants from around the globe. As our country continues to become increasingly diverse and Asians continue to be one of the largest growing populations, we’re proud to introduce new authentic dishes to American households including our first ever Chinese entrée, which these cultures have been sharing for generations,” said Saffron Road CEO Adnan Durrani. “While this past year certainly brought tragedy and immense struggles, it also created a revived interest in the universal tradition of gathering around the table for a big family meal, bringing multi-generational households together. We want to make it not only easy and convenient for families to continue the elevated at home dining experience with our delicious and healthy offerings in our family size line, but we also want to share the joy that delicious international foods can bring. No passport is needed - all are welcome to join the Journey to Better with Saffron Road.” 

Saffron Road fans can now explore better with the following meals:

  • Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken (available in single serving and family size) - Saffron Road celebrates this traditional, yet complex Thai dish with a bowl bursting with delicious flavors including jasmine rice, antibiotic free chicken, red bell peppers and green peas, sautéed in a blend of coconut oil, exotic spices and finished with the delicious sweetness of ripe, juicy pineapple.
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken with Jasmine Rice- This dish is arguably one of the most popular Chinese entrées around the globe. A Cantonese recipe of vinegar and preserved plums, Saffron Road combines pure pineapple juice and ginger with classic rice vinegar, bell peppers, and bok choy to create a novel, yet authentic “stir fry” version for a clean and light preparation reminiscent of warming spices.
  • Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice- This indulgent tasting comfort food, which is actually a family recipe from the Indian chef the Saffron Road Team works with, follows the authentic tradition of simmering tomatoes, butter, cream, and a classic selection of Indian spices. An unforgettable meal - enjoy it comfortably at home without having to travel to India to indulge!


Consumers will be able to find new frozen meals and family size products in over 3,000 stores nationally by August. Family-sizes will initially be available at Whole Foods Market, Walmart and Harris Teeter.


Saffron Road’s products are offered in more than 25,000 stores including Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Kroger, Target, Costco and more. For more information about Saffron Road, please visit saffronroad.com. You can also follow the brand on Facebook at facebook.com/saffronroadfood, on Twitter at twitter.com/saffronroadfood, on Pinterest at pinterest.com/saffronroadfood or on Instagram at Instagram.com/saffronroadfood.



Saffron Road is a leading brand in the natural and organic food industry, offering a wide range of products from frozen entrées and shelf-stable meals to simmer sauces and plant-based protein snacks. All Saffron Road Products are Halal-certified by IFANCA and are available in more than 25,000 retail locations in the U.S. Saffron Road is a socially responsible brand on a mission of collective progress for the betterment of humanity, by inspiring, connecting and respecting global citizens through a shared love of ethical World Cuisines. With Saffron Road, explore international cuisines that combine bold flavors from around the world with high quality, wholesome ingredients which are better for the environment, better for the farmers, better for the animals, better for your health, and most all better tasting. Saffron Road. Journey to Better®.

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