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Saffron Road Adds Two Plant-Based Meals to its Portfolio



Stamford, Conn (September 28, 2021) -- Gather around the table! Saffron Road® -- the clean-label, world cuisine leader in frozen entrees, pantry staples, and plant-based protein snacks--is taking the American family’s at-home dining experience to the next level with two new delicious and convenient plant-based protein meal pouches packed with the traditional flavors of India and healthy, WHOLE ingredients like chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans. 


The two new authentic recipes, Coconut Curry and Bombay Lentils, will expand on the company's successful shelf-stable meal line which was introduced in March 2020.


Keeping in line with Saffron Road’s ‘Journey to Better®’ mission and brand promise of premium quality, responsibly sourced ingredients and extraordinary flavors, both meals are Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten-Free, and dually Certified Halal & Kosher. Additionally, each meal is crafted in India in collaboration with Saffron Road chefs, utilizing traditional cooking methods and bold spices of the region. 


Legumes, like chickpeas and lentils, are not only good for you, but they are also good for the planet. In addition to being a rich source of protein, fiber and essential vitamins, they are also among some of the most sustainable crops - water efficient, drought resistant and their nitrogen-fixing properties contribute to soil fertility and extend the productivity of farmland. As a growing number of consumers seek out climate-friendly diets, the dietary evolution and popularity of plant-based meal solutions will only continue to grow.


“As an epicurean brand devoted to culinary excellence and clean--never artificial--ethically sourced ingredients, each meal centers around nutrient-dense, WHOLE plant-based proteins like chickpeas and lentils. The power behind the plant-based revolution--with industry growth over $7B last year -- has been led by the millennial, flexitarian eater who prioritizes health and is increasing plant-based consumption without giving up meat and dairy,” says Saffron Road CEO, Adnan Durrani. “However, not all plant-based proteins are created equal. That’s why Saffron Road remains focused on keeping the bad stuff out and never using highly processed isolates or soy proteins. We’re proud to bring new innovations to the market that provide an unparalleled culinary experience based on whole plant-based proteins and deliver on all of the demands of today’s discerning consumer.” 

Join Saffron Road’s Journey to Better with these new shelf-stable offerings, both microwave-ready and prepared in just 60 seconds:


  • Coconut Curry: This authentic Indian vegetable korma is a vegetarian masterpiece. A harmonious balance of coconut cream, chickpeas, potatoes, carrots and black-eyed beans, in a mildly sweet mélange of Indian spices, all come together to create a bold and flavorful experience.


  • Bombay Lentils: A vegan rendition of Indian Dal Makhani, this delicious dish features slow-cooked black gram lentils (dal) simmered with tomatoes, red beans and exotic Indian spices to create an authentic and memorable meal for any occasion.


Saffron Road’s Coconut Curry and Bombay Lentils (MSRP $3.49) will be available at Whole Foods Market, Albertsons, Amazon and SaffronRoad.com.


Saffron Road’s products are offered in more than 25,000 stores including Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Kroger, Target, Costco and more. For more information about Saffron Road, please visit saffronroad.com. You can also follow the brand on Facebook at facebook.com/saffronroadfood, on Twitter at twitter.com/saffronroadfood, on Pinterest at pinterest.com/saffronroadfood or on Instagram at Instagram.com/saffronroadfood.



Saffron Road is a leading brand in the natural and organic food industry, offering a wide range of products from frozen entrées and shelf-stable meals to simmer sauces and plant-based protein snacks. All Saffron Road Products are Halal-certified by IFANCA and are available in more than 25,000 retail locations in the U.S. Saffron Road is a socially responsible brand on a mission of collective progress for the betterment of humanity, by inspiring, connecting and respecting global citizens through a shared love of ethical World Cuisines. With Saffron Road, explore international cuisines that combine bold flavors from around the world with high quality, wholesome ingredients which are better for the environment, better for the farmers, better for the animals, better for your health, and most all better tasting. Saffron Road. Journey to Better®.

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