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Thai Red Curry Simmer Sauce

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Imagine the best of Thailand in a single dish. Our authentic Thai Red Curry is filled with an entire marketplace of ingredients to create its complex flavor. From lemongrass to galangal ginger to kaffir lime. No wonder it can turn a quick meal into a flavor adventure. Deliciously authentic and Certified Halal, Saffron Road’s Simmer Sauces are held to the highest standards for wholesomeness and culinary excellence.
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I picked up 2 packs of this sauce a few days ago because I love Saffron Road products, and I've always been impressed by their authenticity. I looked at the description and ingredients thinking everything checked out: lemongrass, coconut milk, kaffir lime. Sounds about right for Thai curry. Unfortunately, it doesn't taste very much like Thai curry at all. I added a bit of coconut milk, brown sugar, and cilantro. That helped a lot, but the end product still couldn't compete with the brand I usually use for red Thai curry...I wouldn't buy the sauce again unless the recipe was changed, even though I like the convenience of having everything in a pouch instead of paste, coconut milk, and dry spices packaged separately. This sauce would be improved by shallots, sugar, way less cumin, and kaffir lime leaves or peel instead of juice. Just my 2 cents! I gave this recipe 2 stars because the sauce itself isn't awful, but calling it "Thai curry" creates certain expectations that this sauce doesn't meet.


We absolutely have fall in love with Saffron Road sauces. We especially love the Thai red curry. Wonderful authentic flavors!


I recently bought the Thai Red Curry Simmer Sauce for the first time and it has been a big hit in our household. My husband uses it as a sauce for chicken and also as an addition to vegetable soup. He is particular about flavors and was surprised how delicious this sauce is and made with such pure whole ingredients. We are looking forward to trying Saffron Road Food's other Simmer Sauces.


Love the taste, low calorie and fat content, gluten free, vegan. thank you!

Burned m.

I bought this along with 2 pounds of chicken strips, a bunch of fresh chopped vegetables and udon noodles because I was having a crowd for dinner that LOVES thai food. I made the mistake of cooking all the veggies and chicken and THEN dumping the WHOLE package on my stir-fry (without tasting the sauces first) because it literally RUINED the whole dish! It was SUPER SPICY but strangely NOT CURRY... (believe it or not NO CURRY powder is listed in ingredients!!) It basically just burned our mouths... can't even distinquish what the flavor was just "HOT!" I tried to "doctor it up" by adding coconut milk, lime, sugar, etc... But it didn't help. I had to throw $40.00 worth of food away (NO ONE would eat it!) ... I had to run out and get a few pizzas for my company! I have tried the "Korean Stir Fry" sauce and it was delicious... but this one... HORRIBLE! NEVER AGAIN!