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Saffron Road Introduces New Globally-Inspired Crunchy Organic Chickpea Snacks

Brand Launches New Guilt-Free Snack Line at Whole Foods Market®

Stamford, CT – September 17, 2012 – Saffron Road, the packaged food brand of American Halal Co., launches three All Natural, Gluten-Free, Halal Certified Crunchy Chickpeas at Whole Foods Market nationally this month. Saffron Road’s new Organic Crunchy Chickpeas, available in three globally-inspired flavors not found elsewhere on the snack aisle, are a healthier alternative to greasier snack options.

Saffron Road’s world cuisine-influenced Crunchy Chickpea options include:

Wasabi Crunchy Chickpeas In its native Japan, wasabi is treasured. Invigorating and intense — what makes it wonderful is the way it excites the sense of small as well as the sense of taste — the ultimate Japanese epicurean mustard! When lightly dusted over our Crunchy Chickpeas, wasabi makes an impact like no other seasoning in the world. A good source of protein, this is a guilt-free snack you'll treasure too.

Falafel Crunchy Chickpeas The delightful flavor of the falafel — millions believe that this is the supreme accomplishment of the humble chickpea. It varies by country and cuisine, but it always delights the palate with a unique mixture of wonderful Middle Eastern spices. We immerse our Crunchy Chickpeas in our own secret falafel recipe to create a guilt-free snack that's a good source of protein.

Bombay Spice Crunchy Chickpeas  Colorful, bold and exotic — these are the spices from the marketplaces of Bombay where you'll find one of the most fascinating cuisines on earth. We've plunged our Crunchy Chickpeas into a whirlwind of flavor to create a guilt-free snack that's a good source of protein. Take a bite — you've never tasted anything like it before.                                                                                     

“Building on hummus' amazing growth, our new Chickpea Snacks are made with organic chickpeas and are the low-fat, protein-rich and high fiber snack option that's been missing from the natural food market,” says Chief Executive Officer, Adnan Durrani. “We believe these rich, global flavors will appeal to a wide variety of palates, as well as the Chickpea Snacks nutritious and organic qualities, to a wide variety of natural food consumers.”


Consumers can find the new Crunchy Chickpeas at Whole Foods Market stores’ dry goods or snack aisles for the suggested retail price of $3.99.