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Saffron Road Further Expands Frozen Entrée Line with New World Cuisine Fish Bowl Offerings


Fastest Growing Entrée Brand Adds New World Cuisine Fish Bowl Offerings

STAMFORD, Conn. (July 12, 2016) – Today, Saffron Road®, the fastest growing brand of premium frozen entrees, is introducing four new frozen Fish Bowl meals inspired by some of the world’s greatest cuisines, bringing the entrée portfolio to a total of 27 authentic, Chef inspired epicurean quality meals.

The launch further demonstrates the brand’s commitment to bringing innovative globally-inspired cuisine to Americans and each new Fish Bowl boasts high-quality ingredients consistent with Saffron Road’s standards of excellence. All four of the meals feature wild caught fish from the pristine Arctic waters of Alaska – three will include Pollock and one bowl is made with Salmon – each carefully prepared in authentic Indian, Thai and Japanese traditions.

The four new meals are:

Sesame Ginger Salmon with White Rice: No other World Cuisine knows more about fish than Japan’s. And every bite of our tender wild-caught salmon filet will prove it. Inspired by authentic Japanese recipes, we immerse this hearty flavorful fish in a sesame ginger sauce that’s a perfect mélange of spicy and sweet. Then we surround it with crunchy vegetables on a bed of tender rice. Even by Japanese standards, it’s a World Cuisine masterpiece.

Lemongrass Basil Fish with Rice Noodles: Tender and light, this wild caught Alaskan Pollock is caught in pristine Arctic waters. This epicurean pairing from the northern tip of the Earth with the exotic sensations of Southeast Asia celebrates World Cuisine as a masterpiece of Thai flavors. We use an authentic Thai recipe of lemongrass and basil to create a complex sauce that perfectly sets off the crunchy veggies and tender fish on a bed of rice noodles. It’s exceptionally exotic.                                                  

Thai Red Curry Fish with Rice Noodles: There are no flavors like those of Thailand. Sweltering in the tropics they’re famous for their rich exotic curries like Panang. This medium spiced red curry is filled with amazing Thai flavors, a perfect choice for an inspired pairing: Alaskan Pollock caught wild in Arctic waters. In a bowl filled with tender rice noodles and crunchy veggies, and you’re going to love the combination of Alaskan seafood with a Thai tang.

Masala Curry Fish with White Rice: Caught wild in pristine Arctic waters, Alaskan Pollock makes a surprisingly perfect pairing with our Masala curry sauce from the Himalayan Mountains of Kashmir. Masala means spice in Hindi and ours is a celebration of sweet and spicy flavors straight from the bazaar. In a bowl filled with crunchy veggies, tender white rice and flavorful white fish, you’ll love how this authentic curry fills every bite with flavor.

 “Pollock and Salmon are a good source of lean protein and low in saturated fat. They’re also a good source of Vitamin D and most importantly, omega 3 fatty acids,” says Saffron Road CEO, Adnan Durrani. “We are truly excited about this major milestone – Saffron Road’s debut into the fish entrée category. These Saffron Road fish bowls offer a variety of better-for-you lean protein options which complement our brands culinary appeal as well as broadens Saffron Road’s consumer’s nutritional needs on three levels.  First, by being the only nationally available all natural, Halal Certified fish entrée.  Secondly, by attracting aspirational baby boomers looking for Omega-3 rich meals which are known to improve heart and brain health. And lastly by increasing user occasions for Saffron Road’s core millennials consumers, who look to Saffron Road for clean label meal solutions that fit into a healthier lifestyle. We continue to be proud of the stellar innovation and premium products that we bring to the freezer case.”

“The best quality seafood is often frozen because the quality cannot be improved once it leaves the water - it can only be maintained. Saffron Road suppliers flash freeze fresh fish, resulting in a product that tastes every bit as fresh as the day it left the water. But we don’t just stop at great tasting products - we are also in the process of working with the Marine Stewardship Council on our supplier sustainability and expect to have our products certified in the coming months.” commented Executive Vice President, Jack Acree.

All four of the meals are Certified Halal and Gluten Free. They are launching nationally this month and will be available in the frozen aisle at Whole Foods Market® and other retailers for the suggested retail price of $5.69.

For more information about Saffron Road’s new Fish Bowl products, please visit saffronroadfood.com. You can also follow the brand on Facebook at facebook.com/saffronroadfood, on Twitter at twitter.com/saffronroadfood, on Pinterest at pinterest.com/saffronroadfood or on Instagram at Instagram.com/saffronroadfood.


About Saffron Road

American Halal Co. markets Premium, Antibiotic Free, or Organic Halal Certified food products under its wholly owned Saffron Road brand which are available in 12,000 stores nationwide. Saffron Road's mission is to offer Premium Halal Certified and Gluten Free foods, which are also holistic, sustainably farmed, and antibiotic free.  Saffron Road's products are sourced from livestock which is fed only 100% vegetarian feed and are humanely treated. All of Saffron Road's Products are Halal Certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) and are the only premium, Halal Certified brand available in grocery markets nationwide in the USA.

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