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Saffron Road Enables Consumers to Create Their Own Culinary Cuisine With New Broths

Brand Unveils Three New All Natural Broths at Whole Foods Market®


Stamford, CT – August 1, 2011 – Saffron Road™, the packaged food brand of American Halal Co., will begin shipping three All Natural, Halal Certified, no gluten premium broths to select Whole Foods Market stores in August. The new items slated for distribution include:

Artisan Roasted Halal Chicken Broth (Low Fat) – Made from hand-picked ingredients in the chef’s tradition of kettle cooking, this broth boasts three times the protein of other natural chicken broths. The delicious flavor of our All Natural Roasted Halal Chicken, coupled with subtle nuances of roasted root vegetables, bay leafs and thyme offers a truly culinary experience that can be the start of many cooking journeys. Our chicken is Certified Humane®, 100% vegetarian fed and raised without antibiotics. Contains no glutens, no MSG, and is low fat.

Traditional Halal Chicken Broth (Low Sodium) – Our simmering All Natural Halal chicken with vegetables and herbs yields a rich, low fat broth that is deliciously hearty with less sodium toward your good health. Our chicken is Certified Humane, 100% vegetarian fed and raised without antibiotics. Contains no glutens, no MSG and 0 grams of fat per serving.

Classic Culinary Halal Vegetable Broth (Low Sodium, Vegetarian & Vegan) – Simmered in a blend of sautéed carrots, onions, celery, tomatoes, parsley, leeks and mushrooms, this broth is 100% vegetarian, Halal, and vegan. With 0mg of fat and only 140 mg of sodium per serving, our All Natural Vegetable Broth serves as a robust foundation for many delicious sauces, soup and entrée recipes. Contains nothing artificial, no added gelatin, no MSG and no gluten.

Whether used with vegetables, making homemade soups or to liven up leftovers, these broths enable consumers to add some flavor to their own recipes. In addition to being delicious, our broths can promote good digestion, strengthen joints and increase respiratory health.


“Saffron Road just met another unprecedented milestone – we are the first Halal broths in the world to be sold in the high end Tetra package, which is obviously much healthier than the mainstream soup can containers,” says Adnan Durrani, CEO of American Halal Co. “But we took that innovation up a notch further in culinary excellence; our Halal broths also use a very delicate brew of pure Halal antibiotic free gelatin and naturally vitamin-infused herbs and roasted vegetables, bringing an unmatched robust flavor and quality to our broths that home chefs can really celebrate.”

“Our retail partners have asked for products like these, as there is a “Premium” void in the broth category. Since day one we have always wanted Saffron Road to help consumers to cook at home and these broths are our first step in this direction,” says Jack Acree, Executive Vice President of American Halal Co.


The new broths are currently available exclusively at select Whole Foods Market stores at the suggested retail price of $3.99 each.