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Another Big Retail Win for Saffron Road

Brand Wins National Distribution in Ahold – with U.S. banners Stop & Shop, Giant, and Giant Carlisle


Stamford, CT – October 1, 2012 – Ahold, the Dutch conglomerate which is the #3 food retailer in the U.S. and globally $40 billion in sales in over 3,000 stores, including supermarket banners Stop & Shop, Giant, Giant Carlisle, Peapod, and Martin’s, authorized shelf placement of Saffron Road into over 500 of their stores.

 Starting in October 2012, these stores will initially stock up to four frozen entrée products: Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Saag, Chicken Pad Thai and Lemongrass Basil Chicken. This gives Saffron Road nearly 1900 new points of distribution! This latest stellar success by American Halal / Saffron Road enhances the Company’s total store count to over 6,000 stores.

CEO, Adnan Durrani commented by saying, “The most successful natural food brands are actually built in the mainstream supermarket retailers and leading natural food markets. Our sales team has been very methodical at cherry picking the elite tier of top supermarket chains and natural food markets to sell into and our patience and diligence is now going to reap huge rewards. We are very proud of our success at securing one of the premier global retailers, Ahold, for our World Cuisines.”


Executive Vice President, Jack Acree, added on by saying, “Ahold is a dominant player in the Northeastern US and they fill an important slot in Saffron Road’s distribution grid. This will give Saffron Road access to a whole new group of Natural and Halal shoppers.”