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American Halal Co’s Chief Halal Officer, Adnan Durrani, to Speak at Vatican’s Bridges of Hope Interfaith Conference

Stamford, CT – October 7, 2010 – Adnan Durrani, an influential American Muslim entrepreneur heavily involved in interfaith work, will address the Vatican on October 12. The conference, Bridges of Hope – Success Stories and Strategies for Interfaith Action, will bring together representatives of each of the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) to focus addressing global challenges with interreligious action.


Given Adnan’s passion for socially-responsible business and his knowledge of Islam, he will be speaking on the panel, Equitable and Ethical Development. Participants of the conference hope to create practical ways for their religious communities to work together to impact and ultimately solve global issues in an ecumenical and just manner. The Vatican City State and the host, the revered Pontifical Gregorian University, which claims 17 former Popes among its alum, has taken outstanding leadership on this issue – especially in light of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism prevalent in today’s world.

“I am extremely honored to contribute to this healing effort of bringing our Abrahamic faiths together with well-known scholars, community organizers, and religious leaders in the interest of the greater good of the human condition. I strongly believe in my heart of hearts that the current crisis of religious extremism and hate baiting on all sides requires us as faith-based leaders to build new and robust bridges of hope for generations to come. This is our time and our calling for interfaith action.” says Adnan.

Adnan’s company, American Halal Co, recently launched the Saffron Road brand, the U.S.’ first all-natural, Halal certified, frozen Indian entrees, available at Whole Foods Market® stores nationwide. American Halal  started the  “Prophets for Peace“ initiative  dedicated to building bridges of peace and pluralistic understanding between all faiths, using spiritually based values as a model of an ethical consumer branded enterprise .