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Student Summer Travel Tips: 4 Must Have Products For 2018


Summer is officially here! For many students, this means road trips, hiking with the dog, and fun-filled travel with friends. And while it’s supposed to be the most care-free time of the year, real concerns like staying hydrated, fending off pick-pocketers, and staying healthy and safe, can make summer travel more stressful than it should be. This blog post lists 4 summer travel tips for students that can help you stay on top of your travel plans and keep you on the “Journey to Better” during your summertime fun.

Student Summer Travel Tip #1: Noise cancelling headphones

Sometimes staying stress-free while travelling means having to block everything out. Whether you are seated next to a crying baby on a plane, or simply need a break from the non-stop chatter of your friends in the car, some good noise cancelling headphones are worth the investment in order to give you a little alone time during the hectic travel season.

Decent noise cancelling headphones can range anywhere from $50-$600, with features such as an adjustable level of noise cancellation, Bluetooth, volume adjust, and NFC pairing. For a lower budget option, consider the CB3 HUSH Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling Technology, retailing around $90. They have an adjustable noise cancellation and clear sound. For a splurge, consider the AKG N60NC Wireless headphones retailing around $300.00. These are a compact, lightweight choice that have a long battery life and good noise cancellation quality.

Student Summer Travel Tip #2: Phone protection

One of the most important summer travel hacks? Protecting your PHONE! Depending on where you are traveling to, you will have different concerns regarding your phone, but all of them are important to think about and plan for beforehand. Consider:

Connection– If you are traveling internationally or to remote locations, you will need to invest in a new phone plan, international SIM card, or maybe even some portable wifi. Make sure you think ahead about what locations will have the connection you need, both for data and for wifi.

Security– Traveling to a big city means you need to be on constant lookout for your phone. Don’t keep your phone in your back pocket, and consider one of these secret pocket clothing items that keep your phone safely hidden from menacing eyes.

Durability– If you plan to swim, hike, or do any other adventurous activities during your trip, you need to invest in a sturdy, waterproof phone case to make sure you don’t break your phone and lose your connection to the rest of the world halfway through your journey.

Battery– If you’re going to be traveling outside the US, make sure to come prepared with the correct outlet adapters for the countries you are visiting. No matter where you are traveling, bringing along an extra charger or two never hurts, both for USB hookups and for wall charging.

Student Summer Travel Tip #3: Protein packed snacks

Whether you’re surviving a hike through the wilderness, or a 14-hour flight to Asia, protein-based snacks that you don’t need to heat up or keep cold are essential to keep you full and feeling your best during your trip. Beans are a great, vegetarian option for snacking, and there are more and more excellent bean-based snack options that are helpful for staying healthy and satisfied between meals.

Saffron Road has a great assortment of healthy and clean label chickpea snacks that come in pocket sized pouches and are bursting with flavor and high in protein. You can take these snack pouches literally anywhere and use them when you are running low on energy or need something to tide you over before dinner. The chickpea snacks come in both sweet and savory flavors like salted caramel, dark chocolate covered, bombay spice, and chipotle. In hectic travel situations where things don’t go as planned, snack-sized energy bursts are a must, and Saffron Road has put a lot of time and energy into creating the perfect snack to fit this role.

Click here for a $1 coupon for any Saffron Road chickpea snack product!

Student Summer Travel Tip #4: Access to water…Always

Another important, serious summer travel tip is making sure you always have access to water when travelling in extreme heat.

If you are traveling within the U.S. and Europe, a nifty collapsible water bottle might be the only thing you need to make sure you always have a bottle on you to take advantage of every drinking fountain or tap water access point you stumble upon during your trip.

In some countries, you may react poorly to the drinking water there, despite it being perfectly safe for people of that country to drink, simply because your stomach is used to a different water. If this happens, you can end up with stomach issues that can ruin your entire trip, so play it safe by simply purchasing bottled water instead of drinking from the tap, and make sure to avoid foods that have been washed in the water, like fruit.

For hiking and adventure trips, or for trips to places where the drinking water is truly unsafe, consider a straw that serves as a personal water filter, allowing you to drink water wherever you find it.


Summertime travel is all about keeping your bags light, but full of the right items that will make every little move as seamless as possible. We hope these student summer travel tips will keep you safe, healthy, and happy as you explore new lands and meet new friends. What are your summer travel hacks? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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