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Kroger Mega Event

Begin your Journey to Better World Cuisine with Saffron Road.

Saffron Road is changing the way you think about boxed dinners, and this is a great thing. Now you can get the flavors of Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican (and more!) cuisines in one frozen TV dinner or a wrap.

Saffron Road makes boxed dinners that are delicious and quick – but you will still feel good about eating because of their high-quality ingredients. Feeling bold? Add the Chicken Tikka Masala to your gluten-free brunch on the weekends. Just need a quick snack or an addition to your lunch. Try the Artisan Wraps, especially Butter Chicken. So much yum in one wrap.

Shop the Kroger Mega Event for two weeks to grab these great deals on Saffron Road. Clear up some freezer space because you will need it!

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