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Enjoying Ramadan Food Traditions Together


Image Artist & Author: Peter Gould

Every year, I welcome Ramadan as if it were a wise friend returning. I look forward to coming together with friends and family, enjoying Ramadan food traditions, and creating memories. Welcome back, dear friend, I've missed you.

Ramadan creates a space and time to pause, reflect and breathe. A moment to reconnect with timeless wisdoms and remind us to think deeply about where we are in our season of life. In this age of hyper-digital interaction and device addiction, I find this increasingly important. Reducing noise, seeking calm. In the beautiful words of Rumi:

"Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.”

This year marks my 21st Ramadan, and like all previous years, this one brings its own significance and relationship to my current aspirations & challenges. It finds us, wherever we are, in whichever state we may be, and offers a light of hope and recalibration to our reality.

It offers us a mirror, and an invitation to recall this simple truth, that "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." (de Chardin). It is a time to focus on our inner journeys, hoping to become more conscious of the state of our heart, rejuvenate our intentions and recover simplicity.
The month of reflection is also punctuated with moments of joy and buzz of activity.  Breaking fast with loved ones, together enjoying Ramadan food traditions as a culinary journey to better.  Reconnecting with old friends and sharing beautiful moments with community members and fellow seekers. Observing how we've all grown a little older, our kids more independent, and perhaps shedding a tear for a lost one who wasn't gifted with Ramadan this year. It's a chance to express profound gratitude for countless blessings.
Family traditions and cultural celebrations are cherished, especially around community activities and mealtimes. It's a time where we're encouraged to make more conscious decisions. Where we spend our time, what we purchase. Align our values with what matters, and certainly the food we consume.

In being asked to share some thoughts on Ramadan and the authentic world cuisines that make up Ramadan food traditions and Halal-certified Ramadan foods by Saffron Road, I'm happy to add that I've long respected the brand for its halal leadership and “ethical consumerism” stance.  In an era of much misalignment, Saffron Road has built a reputation that understands and lives up to meaningful values. 
Wherever Ramadan might find you, may it be a time of peace, reflection, and beauty. And even when our guest leaves, may we remain transformed in the best of ways.
 Drawing of youths participating in activities and celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan

Image Credit: Peter Gould 

About the Author:

Peter Gould leads a strategic design consulting firm based in Sydney, Dubai, Beirut & Jakarta. Gould Studio advocates for Heart-Centered Design to create meaningful brands, cross-cultural understanding and transformative change.  

Over 20 years, his engagements have included Apple, Google, United Nations, Greenpeace and a diverse portfolio of clients from senior government projects to Web3 startups. His contributions to design have resulted in international acclaim, including a major award from the UAE Vice-President. In 2020, Peter was appointed as an Australia for UNHCR Ambassador.

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