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Easy Roasted Coconut Curry Collard Greens

Author:  Nik Manning

Hey ya’ll! It’s summer time and that means that there is a lot of new recipes dropping for the weather, as well as a few spins on some recipes people usually consider for fall. Like these Coconut Curry Collard Greens that I am SO excited to share. I partnered with Saffron Road over on Instagram to create a recipe reel and of course, I had to drop the recipe here on the blog for easy access!! Of course I have other greens recipes, but this is a new banger I’m super happy to share with ya’ll.

Coconuty Curry


Now ya’ll KNOW I love my collard greens! My Inspiration for this one was the flavors of the Caribbean I love and so often gravitate towards in my cooking, combined with a food and technique I’ve grown up doing since cooking as a little girl with my Big Mama! Using Saffron Road’s Coconut Curry Simmer Sauce brings a rich, deep coconut curry flavor to the greens that are rounded out with herbs, acid and peppers. What you end up with is a delicious Pot Liquor that coats the greens so well, and also make the dish feel like a lighter, summer dish, with all the flavor of the greens you usually reserve for holidays!



Growing up, greens were something that always made an appearance during a big event. Whether it was a holiday dinner, a family BBQ, a baby or bridal shower or a going away party, there were always greens. I grew up eating turnips, kale, mustard greens, and, of course, collard greens! As much as ya’ll know me for cooking, it took me until I was an adult over 30 for my Big Mama to trust me in the kitchen. I made collard greens for her and she talked for days about how good they were! I am also now the unofficial, official collard greens girl in the family!

The first time someone I knew told me they ate one of my recipes at a cookout and when they asked about the recipe, the person told them it was mine, it was collard greens! This vegetable holds a special place in my life personally, and because I love how people across the African Diaspora have a version of this. I especially love how Black Americans have made this such an important staple in food culture. I am so happy to bring this vegetarian version to ya’ll for Juneteenth. These collard greens have so much flavor with the addition of the Saffron Road Coconut Curry Simmer Sauce. They are very tender, but not too soft and have a subtle sweetness that carries a new flavor on a classic. Eat them by themselves, or pair with a protein for a complete meal. Just look at that POT LIQUOR and tell me you don’t want to try them!

Nik Manning is a food blogger, content creator, and entertainer. Visit for more recipes, reviews, and her cookbooks. 

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