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Vegetable Pad Thai Frozen Entrée

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Explore the flavors of Thailand’s national dish with our Vegetable Pad Thai.

Did you know that…

In Thailand, the fork and spoon are far more popular than chopsticks and always have been. Dishes are served in bite size pieces so a knife is never needed, and the fork is used to move the food onto the spoon for a satisfying mouthful. There is no more satisfying mouthful than our authentic Vegetable Pad Thai, with its tender rice noodles and exotic peanut sauce, it is truly a vegan feast.

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Pauline C.

Absolutely loved the entr�e! Perfect amount of everything from spices to tofu to noodles to sauce!


The box stated to look on line for alternate heating instructions, though I didn't find any here. I put a little hot water in a large fry pan, dumped the contents in, and set the time for 10 minutes. I could hear it sizzling half way through, so I turned the noodles over and put the loosened parts on top the still-frozen part. I added a bit more hot water to keep it from sticking and stirred it a lot at that point. I think 10 minutes stove top time on medium heat was about right. I too found the Pad Thai tasty, and love the idea of adding more veggies to it myself. Any more spice would have been too spicy for me, and I'd love a more reduced sodium version version!

Michelle A.

This is very tasty and the heat level is perfect for me. I was a little intimidated by seeing it rating "medium" spice, but it's not that hot, just really nice. However, I do have some suggestions. First, the actual cooked dish looks nothing like the picture on the package. It shows 11+ pieces of tofu. Mine had 6, and they are smaller than those pictured as well. Also, the dish has too much sauce for the proportion of noodles. The noodles are completely saturated and drowning in the sauce. This excess isn't needed for flavor, and less sauce would reduce the calories as well. And of course, there are no fresh scallions. My recommendation is less sauce, more tofu, and a more truthful picture. Thanks.


I'm in LOOOOOOVE with this food!!!! The spice level is a bit too much sometimes, but I deal with it because it is Soooooo food. It taste fresh and authentic.


Loved loved loved this product. I am new to being vegan so I found this with the protein and Tofu it is wonderful. 18grams of sugar is high but it adds so much to the flavor.